Episode #26: The Day After New Year’s Day: Part One


Episode #26: In this special New Years Day (observed) episode, the hot girls have a special guest and discuss some of their favorite topics: traditions and foods.

Episode #2: MsPixy of Belmont Burlesque

pregnant MsPixy b&w

Episode #2: Cinnamon Twist, Diva LaVida & Lacey Lay talk to MsPixy about glitter babies, sparklers, & developing a burlesque personae w/ ThomAss Edison & Huge Jackman.

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Episode #1: #BurlesqueProblems

hot girls foursome

Episode #1: Cinnamon Twist, Diva LaVida, Hazel Hellbender & Lacey Lay discuss glitter, food poisoning, homemade underwear & other #burlesqueproblems w/ ThomAss Edison & Hung High.

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