Episode #15: Astral Projection & Fireworks

As promised in previous episodes, here’s our version of Marcus Alberti’s tipsy portraits (ThomAss doesn’t drink):

Episode #15: Listen in on our Fourth of July festivities where Hazel narrates her snacks, Lacey gets a little too New Age for Diva’s liking, and we contemplate turning the podcast into a travel show (as long as there isn’t too much nature).

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And if you’re curious New Age British accents, click here for Lacey’s YouTube obsession.

Episode #14: Foot Jobs & Snapchat


Episode #14: Hot Girls continue their conversation on Memorial Day 2016. We had a lot to drink and sat in the sun. Lacey shares some amazing stories from her youth. We discuss identity theft, sketchy job offers, and feet. Hazel is compelled to ask many times, “When does that work?!” Also, snapchat is a thing.